March 26, 2024

Women’s Network at Sempra inspires next generation of energy workforce and leaders

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By creating opportunities and allyship, all employees can thrive and contribute to Sempra’s mission

The Women's Network at Sempra is open to all employees, regardless of their gender

Sempra understands that by creating the right opportunities for employees who power its high-performance culture, the company can promote its mission to become North America’s premier energy infrastructure company, while advancing a better future for all.

It’s why Sempra companies invest in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), including the Women’s Network at Sempra, whose members represent nearly half of corporate employees. The employee-led voluntary community aims to contribute to an inclusive environment that inspires, supports and encourages women to grow and advance their skills through connection, collaboration and discussion.

“The Women’s Network at Sempra focuses on creating opportunities for women and allies to build relationships and make connections with others,” Saramay Zook, the organizational development manager at Sempra and president of the ERG, said. “We believe that by building relationships, we create a vibrant tapestry of support, mentorship and shared experiences and cultivate space where people feel like they truly belong and that they can thrive.”

Women’s ERGs can be especially meaningful in the energy industry where, in 2019, women only accounted for 16% of employees despite making up 39% of the global workforce, according to the International Energy Agency. For 25 years, Sempra has worked to create an environment where women can thrive. Across the entire Sempra family of companies, the company reported 28% of employees were women and 34% of the leadership team were women in 2022.1

Simone Ochoa, cybersecurity team lead at Sempra and member of the Women’s Network at Sempra, said she joined the group to meet other women in the industry.

“It is important to feel like you belong,” Ochoa said. “The Women’s Network at Sempra provides a way to connect with other women and know that you have a support system.”

But an employee does not have to identify as a woman to join the group — in fact, it’s encouraged to join the Women’s Network at Sempra, or any of the company’s ERGs resource groups, because allyships play an important role in building opportunities across the company and industry. The group welcomes employees of all backgrounds.

“I benefit from our group because of the diversity of the team, but what I found more surprising is what I learned about myself,” Ochoa said. “I realized that I was not alone. We all have challenges and successes. It is great to share these experiences through the Women’s Network at Sempra.”

Stacey Lee, senior manager of corporate ESG data controls within the company’s sustainability team, echoed Ochoa’s sentiments — noting that shared experiences offer growth opportunities.

“The challenges we encounter both personally and professionally often resonate with others within a group such as the Women’s Network at Sempra,” Lee said. “By sharing our experiences and learning from one another, we create a supportive community where empathy and understanding thrive.”

The Women’s Network at Sempra and other ERGs are a part of the company’s larger strategy to cultivate a high-performance culture — one that is motivated, inclusive and engaged. Other women’s ERGs across the family of companies include RISE at SoCalGas, Lean In at San Diego Gas & Electric and GROW at Sempra Infrastructure. By fostering a high-performance culture where ideas and solutions are embraced and deployed, the company can offer a competitive advantage and help create opportunities for all.

“We are proud of the community that we have created in the Sempra Women’s Network,” Zook said. “Since our inception in 2022, we’ve contributed to a workplace that celebrates the diversity of all people who walk through our doors — we look forward to continuing the momentum as we inspire a new generation of energy workers.”

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1 Company leadership includes director-level employees and officers. Numbers exclude Oncor and Mexico-based employees. Numbers include Sempra Corporate, SDG&E, SoCalGas and Sempra Infrastructure employees based in the U.S.