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We're helping to advance the global energy transition through electrification and decarbonization in the markets we serve, including California, Texas, Mexico and the LNG export market. We're investing in critical infrastructure, such as new electric transmission and distribution networks, utility-scale battery storage and green hydrogen delivery systems, to help bring cleaner sources of energy onto the grid. This is essential to powering new solutions to society’s climate challenges, as well as building a healthy economy and better quality of life for our communities.

Our role in the energy transition

Building resilient energy systems

People depend on energy for every aspect of modern life — including the 40 million consumers we serve — which is why we prioritize resilience and reliability across our energy networks.

Advancing a clean energy future

We're advancing the energy transition by helping enable the delivery of lower-carbon energy in the markets we serve, with an increasing focus on climate resilience.

Advancing a better future for all

We believe that we have an important role to play in the future of energy. Our purpose is to provide leadership to the global energy transition by promoting energy diversification, resiliency, affordability and access for all.

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Building resilient energy systems

Advancing a clean energy future

Advancing a better future for all

2021 Sustainability Report

Advancing a better future for all

Our latest corporate sustainability report, “Advancing a better future for all,” describes our sustainability successes and challenges and outlines our 2021 sustainability performance.

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The answer is yes

There is now great consensus that the climate is changing, and that society must work to decarbonize our lives to slow environmental, economic and social impacts. With energy integral to every facet of modern life, developing clean energy infrastructure will underpin the transition to a net-zero future and enable new possibilities for all.

Strategic pillars

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Enabling the energy transition

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Driving resilient operations

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Achieving world-class safety

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Championing people

Sustainability at our operating companies

The Sempra family of companies’ more than 20,000 talented employees deliver energy with purpose to more than 40 million consumers every day. We're helping lead the global energy transition by advancing the electrification of energy networks and promoting energy diversification, resiliency, affordability and access for all. We're committed to delivering lower-carbon energy solutions in the markets we serve across California, Texas and Mexico.

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