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July 20, 2023

Sempra’s mentorship program is shaping the future

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Available to all 20,000 employees at Sempra, the mentorship program advances culture and leadership

Mentorship Program participants at SempraIf you ask Gustavo Gonzalez why he’s been with Sempra for 22 years, he will give you many reasons, all of which would fall under the company’s values to do the right thing, champion people and shape the future.

Gonzalez, the director of cash management at Sempra, sees those values come together through the company’s Mentorship Program where he has served as a mentor for the last two years. The eight-month program intentionally connects participants with a goal of helping employees develop their career experience and knowledge, along with inclusive leadership skills. Launched in 2011 by Sempra’s Employee Diversity & Inclusion Council, the Mentorship Program is available to all 20,000 employees across Sempra’s family of companies. Since its founding, the program has had more than 800 participants with the 2022—2023 cohort of mentees graduating in July.

“For me, the mentorship program is a learning experience for both mentors and mentees,” Gonzalez said. “It’s a great opportunity to have very meaningful conversations about development, diversity and work and personal experiences.”

Gonzalez is not the only leader to participate in the mentorship program multiple times. Jenell McKay, director of investor relations at Sempra, first joined the program as a mentee in 2018. She has since participated as a mentor many times.

“The mentorship program offered another forum for me to build a network at the family of companies through the structured assignment of a mentor along with events designed to introduce others within the program,” McKay said. “I appreciated the ability to identify areas where I would like to grow and have someone who wanted to support my development in those areas. I continue to be a part of the mentorship program to give back to our community, support others who want to grow within the company, and develop our future leaders.”

Mentorship Program participants at SDG&EMiguel Murillo, a senior financial analyst for Sempra, is one of the mentees who signed up for the program with the goal of growing within the company. Murillo, the mentee of McKay, said he’s had the benefit of having a leader who can offer him guidance on his career goals. He’s also able to share any pitfalls he may encounter and receive feedback on how to overcome them.

“The program provides a valuable opportunity for continuous learning and growth,” Murillo said. “You can tap into the knowledge and experience of a seasoned professional who can guide you on your career path.”

Although Murillo and other mentees will graduate from the Mentorship Program this month, they can continue their connection with mentors throughout their Sempra careers.

“The mentorship program is a key component of Sempra’s high-performance culture,” Alberto Bautista, director of diversity and inclusion at Sempra, said. “We know that by creating connections and developing trusted relationships among employees, we can build a positive company culture that employees can take pride in.”

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