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June 19, 2023

Sempra’s 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report: What you need to know

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The 15th annual Corporate Sustainability Report highlights key progress toward sustainable business goals

Sempra is celebrating the 25th anniversary of advancing sustainable business practices where four key pillars guide the company as we work to advance a better future for all. The pillars — enabling the energy transition, driving resilient operations, achieving world-class safety and championing people — are supported by a focus on operational excellence across all Sempra companies, which serve 40 million consumers.

Here are five key takeaways from Sempra’s 15th annual Corporate Sustainability Report:

18% decrease in lost work-time incidents

SDG&E team members work on power lines from a bucket truckSempra’s top priority is safety, including physical, psychological and emotional safety. With a goal of world-class safety across the entire family of companies, Sempra saw an 18% decrease in lost work-time incidents in 2022 compared to the previous year. The company continues to support the development of a deep safety culture with strong governance at all levels.

More than $5 billion invested in critical energy infrastructure

Sempra is helping to enable a lower-carbon future and empowering communities by connecting people to safe, more reliable and cleaner energy through modern energy networks. In 2022 alone, the company invested more than $5 billion in critical energy infrastructure to help advance the energy transition to a lower-carbon future, strengthen community resilience against extreme weather events and increase safety and reliability. These investments include electric transmission and distribution networks, utility-scale battery storage and studies on the feasibility of hydrogen delivery systems — all of which help bring cleaner sources of energy to the grid.

$1.75 billion in green bonds

Sempra’s sustainable business practices carry through to its financing. In 2021 and 2022, SDG&E, SoCalGas and Oncor issued $1.75 billion in green bonds in support of clean energy investments that will ultimately drive our world to a lower-carbon future, strengthen community resilience against extreme weather events and increase safety and reliability. This marked the first time a gas-only utility (Sempra California’s SoCalGas) issued green bonds in a public offering. The net proceeds from the fixed-rate green bonds will finance or refinance sustainability investments in pollution prevention and control, green buildings and clean transportation.

$2.4 billion invested with diverse suppliers

SDG&E team members work on power lines from a bucket truckTo drive resilient operations and champion people, Sempra continues to promote an inclusive supplier base that properly represents customers, stakeholders and communities. In 2022, SDG&E, SoCalGas and Oncor invested approximately $2.4 billion with diverse suppliers — representing nearly 30% of their entire supplier spend. Supporting diverse, local businesses helps Sempra to strengthen our supply chain and achieve better business outcomes.

Nearly $40 million in charitable contributions

Our pillar of championing people also includes people outside of Sempra, in the communities where we serve. In 2022, Sempra, our businesses and the Sempra Foundation donated approximately $40 million to nonprofit civic and community groups focused on areas ranging from economic prosperity to climate action to diversity and inclusion. In addition to monetary donations, employees proudly donated nearly 32,000 hours of volunteer time to nearly 2,500 nonprofit organizations.

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