Employees at Sempra Renewables center
Julio 02, 2018

Sempra Energy Releases Latest Corporate Sustainability Report

Sempra Energy has released its 2017 corporate sustainability report, “Sustainable Future,” outlining the company’s environmental, social and governance performance.

 “At Sempra Energy, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that we are providing for our customers, shareholders and employees in a sustainable way,” said Jeffrey W. Martin, CEO of Sempra Energy. “As we look to the future, we are inspired by a strong sense of purpose and a unique understanding of the role we play in improving the lives of our customers, shareholders and employees.”

The corporate sustainability report is released each year by Sempra Energy as a way to document progress from the prior year, outline management’s approach to key issues and provide stakeholders with an accounting of the company’s performance in a number of areas. 

The 2017 report highlights governance performance, such as Sempra Energy’s continued work to incorporate risks related to climate change into its risk-management process. This includes preparing for a wildfire season exacerbated by extreme drought, the potential impact of sea-level rise and the need to meet climate-related regulatory targets.

In 2017, Sempra Energy’s companywide emissions rate for power generation remained at about half the U.S. national average, and more than 50 percent of the company’s power generation capacity was emissions-free. Additionally, only 1 percent of water withdrawn by Sempra Energy businesses in 2017 came from fresh-water sources.

Social performance is also covered in the report, including the company’s efforts to work with employees across its businesses to develop a policy on human rights, underscoring the company’s commitment to minimize any adverse effects that infrastructure or operations might have on people and communities.

2017 Sustainability Report