May 13, 2024

A letter from our chief sustainability officer

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At Sempra, our mission to be North America’s premier energy infrastructure company centers on the idea of lifting up those we serve.

Lisa Larroque Alexander, Chief Sustainability Officer of Sempra

In communities around the world, energy infrastructure underpins safety, health and well-being, and economic prosperity. As one of the largest operators of energy grids in North America, we are energized by our opportunity to help enable safer, healthier and more prosperous communities. We imagine a future increasingly resilient to severe weather, where businesses and people of all ages and backgrounds thrive with access to secure, affordable and cleaner energy.

The theme of this year’s sustainability report, Ideas with Energy, speaks to our work to help achieve this future. Our sustainable business practices are key to executing our mission. In 2023, working with our board of directors and with the input of many stakeholders, we refreshed our sustainable business strategy to further scale our business and create long-term value for our stakeholders.

This strategy includes:

Investing in safe and resilient operations: Safety is foundational to our operations, business and communities we serve. We prioritize investments that strengthen safety and resilience, while also modernizing energy infrastructure and embracing technology to better serve our customers.

Engaging people and communities: Our high-performance culture starts with shared trust and diversity of experiences and also extends to our responsible engagement with customers, policy makers, investors and other stakeholders. We invest in our employees and the communities we serve and endeavor to assess and improve our impact every year.

Innovating for the future: Our innovation strategy focuses on developing capabilities to efficiently pilot and deploy new technologies — and it doesn’t stop there. Our organizational capacity extends to structuring new commercial partnerships to advance our corporate strategy and help meet evolving customer and market needs.

We operationalize these strategies across Sempra’s three growth platforms — Sempra California, Sempra Texas and Sempra Infrastructure — through our shared governance model. In combination, this results in a more goal-driven and scalable enterprise with an improved risk profile and greater transparency around long-term performance for its shareholders. For our stakeholders, a healthier, more secure and prosperous future tied to success in scaling and modernizing the energy grid.

We couldn’t be more excited about our mission. Thank you for your interest in our company as we advance Ideas with energy.


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Lisa Larroque Alexander
Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer