2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Sustainable Growth is Sempra Energy’s corporate responsibility report for the year 2016.

To sustain our growth, we must serve our customers while ensuring we have the raw materials, the public support, the market demand and the skilled employees we will need over the long term.

Our Business

Our balanced portfolio of businesses – long-term-contracted energy infrastructure and regulated utilities – continue to perform well in a variety of market conditions. A range of industry and market trends support this assessment:

  • Increasing investment in utility safety and reliability;
  • Electric grid modernization powered by new technology and additional renewable energy resources;
  • Electrification of the transportation sector;
  • Increasing worldwide demand for LNG; and
  • Growing energy demand in Latin America, creating the need for new energy infrastructure.

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Environment and Climate Change

Sempra Energy has been developing low-carbon energy infrastructure and reducing emissions across our portfolio for more than a decade.

We see great opportunity in addressing climate change. A range of industry and market trends indicate that demand for energy, including lower-carbon energy and energy-related services, will continue to increase. As we work to meet the demands of this marketplace, we simultaneously reduce emissions. We also manage a wide range of risks associated with climate change.

Our latest responsibility report includes:

  • A description of the many ways we minimize emissions. (See page 26.)
  • A list of our emissions-reduction milestones. (See page 25.)
  • A description of climate change risks. (See page 23.)

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Customers and Communities

Our reputation depends on strong customer and community relationships throughout our operations. Company leaders work with community relations personnel to ensure the strength of these relationships.

Our utilities connect with their customers through mail, email, door hangers, advertising, social media and news media. They provide information and answer questions through websites and customer call centers. They review customer research and satisfaction-survey results, host community forums or information sessions and arrange face-to-face meetings.

Our infrastructure businesses also engage with people and communities. Project construction provides a good example: Beginning in the early stages of project development, they make sure local residents and business owners have an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions. As development continues, they keep them informed through face-to-face meetings, community open house events and project update newsletters and other communications. Once development is complete, they continue to listen and adapt operations to ensure community needs are being met.

In addition to these ongoing activities, Community Advisory Councils made up of a cross section of community leaders meet periodically to provide input on topics relevant to a specific business or project.


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"We are building a company today that will help meet the energy needs of future generations."

— Debra L. Reed Chairman, Executive Chairman