Sustainability Content Library

A comprehensive library of Sempra's sustainability reports, supplemental materials and videos.

Sempra CDP Climate Change Questionnaire (2020)
Sempra CDP Water Questionnaire (2020)
SDG&E Strategy: Building a Better Future (2020)
Sustainability Report: Shaping the Future (2019)
Report Supplement: Natural Gas and the Energy Transition (2019)
Report Supplement: LNG and the Energy Transition (2019)
Report Supplement: Shaping the Future of Clean Transportation (2019)
Report Supplement: EEI/AGA ESG Template (2019)
Video: Prioritizing Safety — 30 Seconds (2019)
Video: Enabling the Energy Transition — 30 Seconds (2019)
Video: Shaping the Future — 3 minutes (2019)
Report: Delivering Energy with Purpose (2018)
Report: Sustainable Future (2017)
Report: Sustainable Growth (2016)
Report: People, Priorities and Performance (2015)