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Sempra CEO details strategy for growth on CNBC

May 24, 2023
... its business model to focus on developing energy infrastructure in some of the most attractive markets in North America is one reason the company is successful today, Jeffrey W. Martin, chairman and chief executive officer of Sempra, told Jim Cramer ...

25 years and going strong

March 31, 2023
... optimism. This year marks Sempra’s 25th anniversary — a milestone I am honored to recognize alongside thousands of talented employees across our family of companies. I am incredibly proud of the strong foundation we have built. Our company has lo ...

Sempra CEO addresses global energy leaders

October 11, 2022
... ly concerns and the need for critical new investments to establish a cleaner and more secure global energy system. Also at the conference, a keynote leadership dialogue was held with Jeffrey Martin, chairman and chief executive officer of Sempra, who ...

Sempra CEO shares a positive outlook for American energy

July 22, 2022
... , Sempra’s chairman and chief executive officer, visited the floor of the stock exchange as a special guest on CNBC to celebrate the debut of Mad Money’s new studio and to discuss an evolving set of investment opportunities in the energy space. ...

Shaping the future with the World Economic Forum

May 24, 2022
... nergy transition unfolds, Sempra is squarely positioned to help shape the future of energy - one that is both cleaner and more secure.   Due to Sempra's position as a leader in North American energy systems, Sempra Chairman and Chief Exe ...

CNBC’s Mad Money features Sempra CEO Jeff Martin

May 13, 2022
... Sempra leads all companies in the S&P 500 Utility Index in total shareholder return in 2022. Sempra’s success is tied to three integrated growth engines: Sempra California, Sempra Texas and Sempra Infrastructure. Across the Sempra family o ...

A letter from our Chairman and CEO

May 10, 2022
... a profound sense of sadness, while also raising new issues relating to the security of Europe and the importance of energy security generally. All these considerations are set against the backdrop of unrelenting changes in our climate. As we stri ...

Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Martin Named Director of the Year

June 28, 2021
... mpra by updating the company’s investment strategy to focus on the growing importance of energy infrastructure in North America. “It is an honor to be recognized by the Corporate Directors Forum. In large measure, this award is a tribute to the ov ...

Global Challenges Require Multinational Solutions

June 17, 2021
... sletter on June 17, 2021. More than a year after a pandemic brought global economies to a halt, many communities around the world are still reeling. Today, we are facing two formidable challenges: a post-COVID recovery and a climate crisis. Both r ...

Innovation, Sustainability and Leadership

April 29, 2021
... progresses. People from all walks of life have come together to support one another as we collectively confronted the challenges of this past year. 2020 put into sharp focus the vital role of energy. Critical energy infrastructure has delivered th ...

Sempra’s Role in Saudi Arabia’s Energy Transition

April 13, 2021
... role of natural gas in mitigating climate change, the company’s potential partnerships in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, and their vision for developing sustainable energy infrastructure such as smart meter and smart grid technologies. Sempra Ene ...