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May 24, 2022

Shaping the future with the World Economic Forum

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Jeffrey Martin, Chairman and CEO

An era of change is upon us as society readies itself for a dramatic shift in how energy is produced, transported and consumed with a focus toward achieving climate goals while maintaining reliability, affordability and safety. As the energy transition unfolds, Sempra is squarely positioned to help shape the future of energy - one that is both cleaner and more secure.  

Due to Sempra's position as a leader in North American energy systems, Sempra Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey W. Martin was selected to serve as co-chair of the electricity governors community organized by the World Economic Forum, announced at the Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Convened under the theme of "History at a Turning Point," the forum draws business, government, academia and nonprofit sector leaders for strategic discussions.

Nearly 40 million consumers, over 10% of the U.S. population, have their daily energy needs met by Sempra’s top-tier transmission and distribution utility platform. With roughly 70% of its utility rate base dedicated to electric service, Sempra is positioned to help enable the electrification of consumer markets and support an integrated energy system where increasingly clean fuels serve heavy industry and backstop reliable power. Through the World Economic Forum and other strategic engagements, Sempra works closely with global energy leaders to advance new technologies, collaborate with other industrial sectors and help shape a cleaner energy future.

“Sempra owns one of the largest energy networks across North America, with nearly 300,000 miles of transmission and distribution assets,” said Martin. “As we look to the challenges of the future, we understand the importance of advancing a 21st century energy system that is more secure and resilient, and increasingly clean. At Sempra, we have embraced innovation as a core part of the effort and look forward to working closely with global energy leaders to advance new technologies within our industry, collaborate with other industrial sectors and help power new solutions to society’s greatest challenges.”

Sempra has been a partner to the World Economic Forum for three years, engaging in initiatives ranging from Accelerating Clean Hydrogen to Cyber Resilience for the Electricity Industry. Martin holds positions in both the electricity and oil and gas governors communities. 

In 2022, Martin began a two-year term as electricity governors co-chair. The electricity governors define the Forum's industry-specific agenda, with a focus on prioritizing energy solutions that maximize value for the economy, society, the environment and the broader energy system. The group, comprising chief executives and chairs from Forum partner organizations from across the globe, also contributes to shaping cross-sectoral activities across the Forum's platform.

In 2020, Martin was chief executive officer of the year by S&P Global Platts.