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June 21, 2021

Recruiting, Retaining and Engaging Our Workforce

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The Sempra companies’ more than 19,000 employees power the lives of more than 36 million consumers in California, Texas and Mexico.

We work to recruit and retain talented and motivated employees. The energy industry is a dynamic space where some of the brightest and most innovative people come to do challenging work that makes a difference. Several factors are important to recruitment and retention, including our:

Our employees know that a career at Sempra is an opportunity to make an impact. Our human resources and organizational development teams provide the leadership and partnership necessary to achieve individual success while driving strategic business objectives. We recruit, retain and engage our workforce through the following process:

how Sempra recruits and retains a talented workforceAcquiring

We strive to be a leader in acquiring a diverse, world-class talent pool to lead the organization into the future and to help ensure that Sempra’s people continue to be its greatest asset.


We create success by providing opportunities and resources necessary to expand employees’ knowledge and skills while promoting an environment that supports individual and organizational success.

The company offers a leadership development framework with paths available for emerging, moderately experienced and seasoned leaders. The framework includes path-specific coursework, suggested readings, an assessment and a situation interview-based competency exam.

We also encourage employees to play an active role in their career development. Opportunities include:

  • Creating a career development plan that includes short- and long-term goals and discussing this plan with their manager. If desired, employees may meet with an organizational development coach to get additional guidance on their career path.

  • Keeping their career accomplishments and interests up to date on the company intranet so they can be matched with available opportunities as they arise.

  • Exploring online or in-person training opportunities to strengthen their skills in areas critical to the company’s continued success, including leading change, inspiring trust, building talent, acting strategically and exercising good judgment.


We foster an environment where quality leadership, clear organizational and individual goals, and performance-based rewards support employees in their efforts to perform to the best of their capabilities and in the best interests of Sempra.


We believe that retention starts with the right fit between the individual, the job and the company. It continues with solid reward programs, career challenges and superior leadership to make Sempra a great place to work.


We promote an agile workforce by supporting organizational changes and career transitions effectively, efficiently and with respect. We encourage employees to seek new challenges within the family of companies and we train employees to make sure they have the skills to meet the needs of our changing industry. We also offer entry-level financial, IT and engineering rotational programs to show employees how they might apply their skills in different areas of the company.

As part of Sempra’s unwavering commitment to its values, we also remain committed to an inclusive workplace, where we embrace diverse views, backgrounds, and experiences. We will continue to demonstrate that commitment through concrete actions to advance that culture and maintain a workplace where everyone feels empowered to bring their authentic and best selves to work.