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July 09, 2019

Living Our Values: Meet Pedro Villegas

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When asked about his purpose in life, Pedro Villegas, director of community relations for San Diego Gas & Electric, has a clear answer: “My purpose in life is incredibly simple, it’s to help people who need it.” Villegas has the opportunity to fulfill that purpose every day at SDG&E.

Championing People

As the director of community relations, he is living Sempra Energy’s value of championing people and working to put a face to SDG&E’s name out in the San Diego area. Villegas’ team manages relationships with about 600 nonprofits in SDG&E’s service territory, connecting local needs with company talent, expertise and charitable contributions. 

“We champion people inside our company as we seek to understand their talents and what they truly care about, and we also champion our customers and people in the communities we serve as we focus help and support externally,” says Villegas.

Delivering Energy With Purpose

Villegas’ team is also carrying out Sempra Energy’s vision of delivering energy with purpose by investing in our communities. 

“We’re a very big company, but we never forget about the small, local non-profit organizations in our communities,” says Villegas. “With a little support from a company like ours, two people with a cell phone and 20 volunteers can do extraordinary things in one of San Diego’s neighborhoods.” 

Villegas’ story is just one example of how Sempra Energy’s vision, mission and values serve to unite all of the company’s employees and provide a shared sense of purpose. At Sempra Energy, we know that improving the lives of those we serve also helps make our company even more valuable for all our stakeholders. Our vision, mission and values reflect this commitment.