August 22, 2019

Living Our Values: Meet Pat Birney

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“Shaping the future is what we do every day – it’s so important building an LNG business,” said Pat Birney, director of business transformation for Sempra LNG. 

Birney, who has worked for the Sempra Energy family of companies for 15 years, leads a team that is working to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Sempra’s LNG business, with a focus on new technologies and processes. Birney sees his team’s work in innovation as a natural connection to Sempra Energy’s value of shaping the future. It’s also critical to advancing Sempra Energy’s mission of being North America’s premier energy infrastructure company. 

Sempra Energy’s Role in US LNG Exports

Sempra Energy expects to play a leadership role in the worldwide shift away from coal toward lower-emissions natural gas through the development of five LNG infrastructure projects in North America that should enable the delivery of LNG to consumers around the world. 

Birney explains how that goal is connected to Sempra Energy’s vision of delivering energy with purpose: “To me, delivering energy with purpose means delivering the cleanest energy you can in the most cost-effective way. There are people across the world who have huge energy needs, and our ability to meet those needs, create value for those people and improve their lives is very important to me.”

Championing People by Building Strong Teams

Birney says the people on his team are key to carrying out innovative ideas and advancing Sempra LNG’s goals. He explains that Sempra Energy’s values – do the right thing, champion people and shape the future – all come together when he looks at developing and leading his team. 

“You can’t be successful unless you build a great team. When you talk about championing people it’s about building that team and creating a diverse group of people who can solve problems.”