September 13, 2019

Living Our Values: Meet MyMy Lu


MyMy Lu’s passion is working with people, and she gets to do that every day as the diversity & inclusion manager for Sempra Energy. 

“To me, understanding how people think, and what excites and motivates them is really what diversity & inclusion is all about,” says Lu. “I get to be curious about people and have a lot of fun doing it.”

Living Our Values Through Diversity & Inclusion

As part of Sempra’s Diversity & Inclusion team, Lu helps the company advance its values – doing the right thing, championing people and shaping the future – by providing strategic direction and driving programs to ensure the company’s policies, practices and tactics support a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

The Diversity & Inclusion team is responsible for variety of programs to enhance diversity and inclusion at Sempra and its operating companies, including employee councils, a mentorship program, an annual Diversity & Inclusion Summit and a variety of workshops and team trainings. 

Lu’s work at Sempra was recently recognized by the Paradigm for Parity – she was named a “Women on the Rise” on Women’s Equality Day. The Women on the Rise campaign celebrates women who are helping shape the future and break down barriers to achieve true equality and full representation in corporate offices.

Connecting People

Sempra Energy’s vision is delivering energy with purpose, and purpose informs the company’s approach to making a positive impact. Sempra employees are encouraged to think about what their purpose is and connect it to their work.

“I often think about my 'why' and my purpose, and it all goes back to being connected to people,” says Lu. “Coming from a big family and understanding how all of my siblings work to support my mom and dad, that’s a big part of my purpose. At work, it really is the same thing – understanding how each of us, as Sempra employees and colleagues fit into the puzzle. That’s what drives me.”