October 03, 2019

Living Our Values: Meet Juancho Eekhout

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As chief development officer of IEnova, one of Sempra Energy’s operating companies, Juancho Eekhout and his team are advancing Sempra’s mission to be North America’s premier energy infrastructure company.

IEnova is one of the largest private energy companies in Mexico and has a strong set of investment opportunities. The company continues to make significant progress in helping Mexico diversify its energy supply through progress in the midstream and refined fuels markets.

“Every time we launch a project, it creates big, positive impacts for Mexico,” said Eekhout. “Our projects increase the reliability of energy for Mexican citizens and help the community by creating jobs.”

Shaping Mexico’s Energy Future

“The development team is always focused on shaping the future – we’re coming up with new projects, new ideas, new ways to meet our customers’ needs.”

IEnova’s recent focus on the refined fuels sector is a shining example of how the Sempra Energy family is working to shape the future. These refined fuels terminals provide storage for liquid fuels close to the areas where energy is being consumed. Currently, Mexico has about three days’ worth of refined fuels inventory, while comparable countries have 60 to 90 days’ worth. IEnova’s projects are helping Mexico increase this inventory and provide energy security for customers. 

Creating Positive Impacts

Eekhout’s team is constantly working to develop different types of energy infrastructure in Mexico to support the development of the country and increase its access to reliable and cost-competitive energy. These positive impacts give Eekhout a sense of purpose in his work. 

“I love having a job that gives me an opportunity to create a positive impact in the community and the company,” said Eekhout. “When we close a transaction, that means a customer chose our project and trusted us to complete it. To see the sense of pride in my team every time we are successful in launching a project is very exciting.”