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April 29, 2021

Innovation, Sustainability and Leadership

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Letter from Our Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey W. Martin

Jeffrey Martin, Chairman and CEO, SempraAs we publish our 13th corporate sustainability report, Innovation, Sustainability and Leadership, I am filled with optimism for what lies ahead. We are witnessing the power and perseverance of the human spirit as recovery around the world progresses. People from all walks of life have come together to support one another as we collectively confronted the challenges of this past year.

2020 put into sharp focus the vital role of energy. Critical energy infrastructure has delivered the power needed for hospitals, medical research centers, and manufacturing plants to operate and has supported the millions of people who have worked, studied or cared for their families from home.

Committed to Doing the Right Thing

2020 also bore witness to the talent and dedication of Sempra Energy employees who have continued to safely deliver energy with purpose to more than 36 million consumers in North America, and many more around the world. They have displayed great leadership, resilience and an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing.

Delivering that energy safely and reliably every day is at our company’s core and guides how we serve our customers and communities regardless of the moment. Our operating companies found innovative solutions and new ways to continue to work safely this past year when the world around us required it the most.

The perseverance on display during 2020 inspires confidence that the world can come together with a collective determination to address another global challenge: achieving carbon neutrality globally by mid-century.

Meeting this challenge will require mission-focused leadership, national and international collaboration and, perhaps most importantly, innovation.

It will also require a dramatic change in our energy systems over the next 30 years. That change will include a universal focus on decarbonizing the industrial, transportation and power generation sectors. Energy grids will need to expand and zero-carbon electricity and increasingly green gases, such as hydrogen, will need to work in tandem. Over this same period, we will need to account for the global energy demand that is expected to increase exponentially as emerging economies develop and energy poverty is addressed.

I am confident that this can be done, and that the U.S. will lead by demonstrating a commitment to expanding electrification and renewable gases at home, while fostering innovation and supporting energy diversification, particularly in developing economies.

Investing in the Future

At Sempra Energy, we will continue to play a leading role by investing in the critical new infrastructure that is needed to create the net-zero energy systems of tomorrow. Our demonstrated leadership over the last two decades in decarbonizing energy together with our disciplined approach to innovation and operational excellence has allowed us to create a strong position in large North American markets and uniquely positions us to be a leader in this energy transition.

Through our infrastructure, we strive to create enduring, sustainable value for all our stakeholders as we chart our path to achieve our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 in both the energy we use in our operations and the energy being delivered to our customers.

Delivering long-term sustainable value extends beyond our position as a leader in the energy transition. This past year has demonstrated that we have the best workforce in the industry and that our high-performance culture continues to be our differentiator.

As part of Sempra Energy’s unwavering commitment to its values, we remain committed to an inclusive workplace, where we embrace diverse views, backgrounds, and experiences. We will continue to demonstrate that commitment through concrete actions to advance that culture and maintain a workplace where everyone feels empowered to bring their authentic and best selves to work.

Guided by our values — do the right thing, champion people and shape the future — we can help solve some of our society’s greatest and most pressing challenges.

At Sempra Energy, this is our calling.

Ever forward together,

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Jeffrey W. Martin
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Meet Jeffrey Martin

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