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June 03, 2019

IEnova Publishes 2018 Sustainability Report: Facing the Future

Submitted by fp-admin on Mon, 06/03/2019 - 14:05

Sempra Energy’s Mexican subsidiary, IEnova, has published its 2018 sustainability and financial report, titled “Facing the Future.”

In the report, IEnova communicates its social, environmental and economic achievements in 2018, as well as its investment in communities, the environment, safety, health and compliance.

“Sustainability is rooted in everything we do – we act responsibly in every situation and we take concrete actions for those in the greatest need,” said Carlos Ruiz Sacristán, chairman of the board of directors and executive chairman of IEnova, in the report. “In 2018, we invested close to $6 million in communities, the environment, health and safety, and compliance.”

One highlight from the report is IEnova’s corporate social management system. Community members, including indigenous communities living in the areas where IEnova is operating or building infrastructure, can submit concerns and suggestions directly to the company through the system. IEnova can then monitor and address any potential impacts to the communities in Mexico.

IEnova's report: Facing the Future