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August 04, 2021

How We Prepared for Hurricane Season in the Gulf Coast Region

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Across Sempra’s family of companies, world-class safety for our communities and employees is paramount. During this hurricane season we remain focused on finding new and innovative ways to further our safety-first culture and maintain resilient operations.

Prioritizing Safety

Our teams in Louisiana and Texas continue to examine protocols, collaborate and innovate to advance safety practices. Although natural disasters can bring unexpected challenges, we invest in the expertise and knowledge to make decisions and plans based on data, science and past experiences. From managing facility design, to protecting our employees, to aligning with community leaders on emergency response plans – we prioritize safety across our businesses and communities.

Insights from 2020

Last year’s hurricane season tested our emergency response plans and the team’s resiliency. Facing simultaneous category 4 storms and a worldwide pandemic, our employees upheld our safety-first mindset and our facilities proved durable against the elements. We also worked closely with the tight-knit liquefied natural gas (LNG) communities that share the Louisiana-Texas border.

In our communities, Sempra donated $100,000 to small business and resident relief efforts, while the Sempra Foundation contributed $500,000 toward community recovery.

As we continue driving resilient operations, informed by our experience from 2020, safety remains foundational. Read more about how the Sempra family of companies is prioritizing safety for our customers, employees and the communities where we operate.

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