June 26, 2018

Dennis Arriola to D.C. Policymakers: Natural Gas Critical to U.S. Economy

Today, Dennis Arriola, Sempra Energy’s chief strategy officer and executive vice president of external affairs and South America, called upon federal policymakers to act with urgency to reduce the regulatory roadblocks facing the growth of the U.S. natural gas industry, particularly LNG exports, so that the U.S. can lead the global natural gas industry for decades to come. 

The remarks were made at a congressional hearing on “The Shifting Geopolitics of Oil & Gas” before the Energy & Commerce Committee.

“Today, we are holding this hearing to take a closer look at how the United States growing role as a global energy leader is benefiting consumers and enhancing the nation’s standing on the geopolitical world stage,” said Energy Subcommittee Chairman Fred Upton.

During the hearing Arriola stressed the importance of developing policies to help better position the U.S. to be a global natural gas energy leader.

“With the abundance of domestic natural gas, the U.S. can generate good-paying jobs for American workers, provide economic benefits at the local, state and federal levels, work to create a more sustainable and cleaner future, and help reduce energy poverty around the world,” said Arriola. “These are objectives that benefit all Americans and we shouldn’t settle for less. If policymakers can help developers like Sempra to overcome our current challenges, the U.S. will be poised to be a global natural gas energy leader for decades to come with many geopolitical benefits.”

The World Gas Conference is underway in Washington, D.C. this week, with more than 12,000 participants from more than 100 countries, including Sempra Energy.

“Indeed, the eyes of the world are upon us,” said Arriola. “Failure of the U.S. to seize the current LNG opportunity has international implications. As the leading producer of natural gas in the world, the U.S. can become one of the world’s top LNG exporters by 2022, as forecasted by the Energy Information Administration, achieve the Administration’s goal of energy dominance, and promote greater global energy security, but only if we reduce regulatory roadblocks and act with a sense of urgency.”

The purpose of today’s hearing was to explore the role of the U.S. as a global energy leader, as well as potential roadblocks for continued growth of the U.S. natural gas industry.

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