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August 03, 2018

Culture Is Key to Safety at Sempra Energy

Submitted by fp-admin on Fri, 08/03/2018 - 14:14

The Sempra Energy family of companies works to create and support a culture that prioritizes the safety of employees and customers.

One example of this is an ongoing companywide emergency preparedness campaign to ensure employees are prepared for any potential emergencies both at home and at work. Employees are participating in table-top exercises, seminars and demonstrations as part of this effort. This campaign covers topics such as natural disasters, cybersecurity, emergency operations and response, business resumption and crisis communications.

As outlined in the company's  2017 corporate sustainability report, at job sites, the safety culture is demonstrated by the “stop the job” policy. “Stop the job” means that anyone has the power to stop a job – at any time – if they feel something is not right. The job can only be restarted once employees and contractors have addressed the concern and taken the relevant safety precautions. By cultivating a culture where safety is paramount, it influences how others respond when someone does ask for the job to be stopped and reassessed.  

Sempra Energy also works to foster a solution-oriented approach to safety. If a near-miss occurs, managers encourage employees to get involved in solving the problem. The goal is that employees and contractors share their concerns, experiences and lessons learned with their colleagues.

Lastly, Sempra Energy collects and analyzes safety data – broken down by company, division and location – which is reported in the company’s annual corporate sustainability report. This data enables company leaders to determine if safety performance is improving, declining or remaining steady each year and can help identify areas in need of greater focus.