September 12, 2018

CEO Jeffrey Martin and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz Opine on Energy Exports

Submitted by fp-admin on Wed, 09/12/2018 - 13:18

“Our newfound abundance of oil and natural gas has changed how we produce, consume, and even think about energy in America. But thanks to projects like Port Arthur LNG, we’re now able to export that new paradigm of energy security to the rest of the world,” write Sempra Energy CEO Jeffrey Martin and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in an opinion editorial  published today in the Dallas Morning News.

The opinion piece continues to describe the benefits that projects like Port Arthur LNG in Jefferson County, Texas, can have not only for the local economy, but for countries around the world. “The proposed Port Arthur LNG project will be a critical fuel supplier for [Poland], one of America’s strongest European allies,” they said in the op-ed. “The agreement between Poland and Port Arthur LNG is not simply a business opportunity: it represents a critical aspect of our two countries' continuing strategic alliance.”

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