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November 24, 2020

Building a New and Innovative Energy Grid at PXiSE

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Across the Sempra Energy family of companies, we invest in state-of-the-art technologies, processes and infrastructure to drive our companies forward. In this Sempra Spotlight series, you’ll learn more about how we live our value, "shape the future."

PXiSE Energy Solutions is a leading grid controls technology company with over 700 MW of projects across three continents. PXiSE (pronounced "pice") provides leading smart grid technology that empowers utilities, developers, and asset owners to manage their energy resources and energy delivery more reliably and efficiently with renewable power plant controls, distributed energy resource management systems, and microgrids.

Shaping the Future Grid

PXiSE provides technology solutions to empower utilities, developers and asset owners to manage their energy resources and energy delivery more reliably and efficiently. Backed by 13 U.S. patents, the PXiSE platform offers grid controls solutions for microgrids, distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS) and power plant controls.

PXiSE’s technology is designed to enable the transition from a centralized grid with one-way power flow to a more dynamic, high-speed grid with an increasingly diverse portfolio of energy assets and loads. Since its inception, the team has completed over 700 MW of deployments.

Another way to think of the PXiSE technology is as a new operating system for a power grid that is becoming increasingly complex. This includes more complex transportation electrification, the addition of more distributed and renewable assets and an increasingly diverse set of energy resources across the energy sector. PXiSE provides the autonomous controls that orchestrate these resources in an effort to get the best of each — and achieve the harmony of resilience, safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

One of the earliest PXiSE projects is a microgrid onsite at Sempra HQ, located on the third floor of the parking structure. The PXiSE microgrid controller helps to reduce the amount of energy taken from the grid during peak demand times, creating cost savings for the building. The microgrid also features islanding capabilities to secure electric reliability in the event of a power interruption. You can read more about the Sempra HQ microgrid on PXiSE's website, along with other case studies highlighting solutions for power plant control, microgrid and DERMS projects worldwide.

Industry Recognition

In 2019 and 2020, PXiSE was selected as a Department of Defense Project of the Year for microgrid controls, and was the youngest company nominated for an S&P Global Platts Grid Edge award. In May 2020, Patrick Lee was appointed as a Distinguished Expert for the California Council on Science & Technology (CCST).

For more information about the company and case studies visit You can also follow and engage with PXiSE on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thanks to the forward-thinking teams across our family of companies, Sempra Energy is advancing its mission to be North America’s premier infrastructure company by shaping the future of the energy industry.