Sustainability Report

Sustainable Future is Sempra Energy’s corporate sustainability report for 2017.

As we look ahead to the next 20 years, we are focused on leveraging our high-performing culture to find new ways to serve customers and improve communities. This will be our sustainable future.

Our Business

Sempra Energy’s balanced portfolio of businesses includes top-tier utilities and long-term-contracted energy infrastructure assets. Our 20,000 employees serve approximately 43 million consumers worldwide.

We are focused on investing wisely for the future. Many of our investments increase our ability to deliver lower-carbon energy and related services, allowing us to meet customer demand while helping achieve long-term growth for our shareholders.

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Environment and Climate Change

Sempra Energy has been developing low-carbon energy infrastructure and reducing emissions across our portfolio for more than a decade.

We see great opportunity in addressing climate change. A range of industry and market trends indicate that demand for energy, including lower-carbon energy and energy-related services, will continue to increase. As we work to meet the demands of this marketplace, we simultaneously reduce emissions. We also manage a wide range of risks associated with climate change.

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Our Stakeholders

At Sempra Energy, or goal is to have a positive impact on those we serve. We are inspired by the fact that we have the opportunity, each and every day, to meet the needs of investors, employees, customers and community members.

Strong stakeholder relationships allow us to do business. We listen to stakeholder suggestions, respond to their concerns, and incorporate their ideas and suggestions when possible. As we earn their trust, we make the environment in which we do business more stable and predictable.

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"Looking ahead to the next 20 years, Sempra Energy will lead with purpose and a clear vision, mission and values"
— Jeffrey W. Martin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer