Sustainability Report

Delivering Energy With Purpose is Sempra Energy’s corporate sustainability report for 2018.

As we look ahead to 2019 and beyond, sustainability will play a critical role. With strong performance in safety, a focus on limiting our environmental impact and steady support for the values of diversity and inclusion, our company will deliver cleaner energy to the world – with purpose – and with pride.

Our Business

Sempra Energy is an energy infrastructure company with 2018 revenues of more than $11.6 billion. Our companies’ 20,000 employees serve more than 40 million consumers worldwide. Our mission is to become North America’s premier energy infrastructure company.

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Environment and Climate Change

We expect that the global economy will continue to shift toward lower-emission sources of energy: climate change impacts are increasing and the price per kilowatt hour of renewable energy is declining.

We have incorporated this expectation into our long-term business strategy: we plan to play a key role in the delivery of cleaner energy to customers in North America and – through our LNG business – worldwide.

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Our Stakeholders

We deliver energy with purpose: We are inspired to improve the lives of those we serve. This focus makes our company effective and valuable.

By listening to our stakeholders and incorporating their ideas, we create a more stable and predictable business environment. This is crucial as we work to create North America’s premier energy infrastructure company.

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"At this unique moment in time, I am confident that together, we can take our remarkable company and make it even better and more valuable to all our stakeholders."
— Jeffrey W. Martin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer