Why Corporate Responsibility Matters

At Sempra Energy, we recognize that we have an impact on the communities and customers we serve. These stakeholders, in turn, impact our business. We must work to be responsive to their needs:

  • Ethical business conduct is an integral part of our corporate culture and guides our actions every day.
  • We listen to our customers, shareholders and employees. We engage with the community to minimize negative impacts of our actions. We maintain a rigorous focus on public safety.
  • We believe that demand for lower-carbon sources of energy will continue to rise and we work to meet this demand. We deliver clean, safe, reliable energy, working to keep utility rates fair and transparent. We build and upgrade energy infrastructure for the future. We also track and report our environmental impacts.

This business approach helps to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of energy to more than 31 million consumers, sustaining our business.

2012 Corporate Responsibility Report:   PDF Flipbook