Our Companies

Sempra Energy is focused on energy innovation and is committed to meeting the increasing global demand for energy by providing its customers with clean, reliable and affordable electricity and natural gas service through a diversified portfolio.

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Southern California Gas Company
SoCalGas has the largest customer base of any U.S. natural gas distribution utility, providing safe, reliable and affordable energy to 21.7 million consumers.


Sempra Renewables
Sempra Renewables is a leading U.S. developer of renewable energy. Together with its partners, the company owns and operates nearly 2,400 megawatts of renewable capacity.

San Diego Gas & Electric
SDG&E is an electric and gas utility that provides safe and reliable energy to 3.6 million consumers in San Diego and Southern Orange Counties.


Sempra LNG & Midstream
Sempra LNG & Midstream develops and builds liquefied natural gas facilities, midstream natural gas infrastructure and natural gas storage.

Sempra South American Utilities
The Sempra South American Utilities are Chilquinta Energía in Chile and Luz del Sur in Peru. Both utilities invest in electric generation and transmission to provide energy to more than 7.2 million consumers.


Sempra Mexico
Sempra Mexico includes IEnova, one of the largest private energy companies in Mexico. IEnova develops, builds, operates and invests in energy infrastructure in Mexico.



Our Energy Assets