Diversity Overview

Diverse Businesses, Diverse Employees, Common Values

We strive to recognize and celebrate the differences in the organizational cultures within the Sempra Energy family of companies. We believe individuals' diverse cultures are also critical to our future success. Diversity and inclusion empower employees and promote cohesive working relationships that are built on the foundation of our common values.

Diverse Workplace Definition

In a diverse workplace, we appreciate that each individual is unique. We acknowledge that diversity includes factors such as: race, color, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, education, age, marital status, veteran status, sexual identity and orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, religion, spiritual beliefs, capabilities (physical/mental) and life experiences.

Our Diversity Vision: Connecting People to Energy

Our vision is to move beyond simple tolerance to embrace and leverage the rich dimensions of diversity. By taking the time to learn about those around us, we can enhance shareholder value and meet customer needs by sustaining the financial strength, operational flexibility and skilled workforce needed to succeed in rapidly changing global market conditions. We will deliver stronger business results by ensuring our employees contribute to their full potential by tapping into diverse thoughts, talents and backgrounds. At the core, diversity and inclusion at Sempra is about connecting people to energy.